Dreamcast: Sara

Celebrity/Actor: Sigourney Weaver

Character: Sara

Suggested by: Rachel Aaron

Reasoning? She is one of my personal favorite actresses, and let’s face it— she can do kick-ass and unfeeling pretty well. Sigourney is very talented, very accomplished, and I think she’d nail the role. Apparently RA thinks so, too.

Dreamcast: Alric

Celebrity/Actor: Goran Visnjic

Character: Alric

Suggested byiatrogeniccrich88

Reasoning? Most of you will know him as Luka from ER (are you too young for that show? I feel like I’m dating myself here), but Goran is an immensely talented actor and I am in love with how emotive he is. He’s played bad guys, good guys, in-between guys… And even when saying nothing at all, his facial expressions do plenty. Since Alric’s sort of the strong, silent type (but he does have feelings!! Spirit Eater, anyone? *sob*), Goran would be great for him. Not a lot of lines or screen time as a character, but Mr. Visnjic could bring him to life. 

Also I love his voice. ♥

Anyway, it started as crack, really, until we both thought it over and suddenly couldn’t imagine him being played by anyone else. I might be a little biased now that my headcanon is stuck this way, but I feel like he’d be perfect for the role. Someone prove me wrong. <i>I dare you.</i>

Dreamcast: Josef Liechten

Celebrity/Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Character: Josef Liechten

Suggested byRachel Aaron

Reasoning? Oh come on. Chris freaking Hemsworth.

To quote one Joss Whedon: “He’s nine feet tall! He’s gorgeous! And he’s like, “I’m Josef, I’m Australian, everything is good!”

…What do you mean that’s not how that goes??

Dreamcast: The Immortal Empress

Celebrity/Actor: Katie McGrath

Character: Nara (the Immortal Empress)

Suggested by: audlovesgil

Reasoning?: I like this dreamcast mostly because Katie looks exactly like how I imagine Nara. She’s one of the most gorgeous actresses I can think of. She also already has experience playing the misguided villain. (Morgana fromMerlin, anyone?) And she has the commanding air and regal carrying of a ruler, just like the Immortal Empress. I was originally thinking of casting her as Adela, but changed my mind once I realized how much she resembles Nara. 

Dreamcast: Eli Monpress

Celebrity/Actor: Gael Garcia Bernal

Character: Eli Monpress

Suggested by: iatrogenic

Reasoning? The charming Mr. Bernal is a Mexican actor, and though he’s probably never done an English film, I can’t disagree with iatrogrenic here that he’s a dead-ringer for cover!Eli.

"I first thought of him for Eli because my boyfriend showed me the cover of the omnibus and said he’d been trying to find a real-person face for Eli for days and couldn’t come up with anything," says our fellow Eli fan. "I hadn’t even read the books at this point, but I took one look at the cover and instantly thought of this picture along with a few other images I cannot actually locate of Gael Garcia Bernal with a similar expression and flyaway hair (and a little less beard). After reading Spirit Thief, I ended up curiously looking up the original cover. Which, of course, reminds me quite of this photo also of Mr. Bernal. Aside from the fact I don’t think he actually speaks English, he’d be perfect!” 

Um… Yes please! ♥ Court approves.

Dreamcast: Lord of Storms

Celebrity/Actor: Jason Isaacs

Character: Lord of Storms

Suggested by: crich88

Reasoning? I was going through my list of fave actors and this guy sprang to mind. He is the perfect mix of cold, calculating, barely-suppressed rage, and sophistication; having played several villain roles extremely well (Lucius Malfoy, Col. William Tavington), I can think of no one better suited to play the Lord of Storms. Although he’d be a great Alric, too. I might be a little biased.

Dreamcast: Nico

Celebrity/Actor: Hailee Steinfeld

Character: Nico

Suggested by: audlovesgil

Reasoning? It took me a really long time to think of someone I would have portray as Nico but I finally thought Haylee would be perfect because she does look the part, to a degree, and she is an incredible actress. Her role in True Grit showed she was capable of playing a character with a little-girl exterior but a tough, persevering interior which is exactly what the role of Nico needs. 

Dreamcast: Sara

Celebrity/Actor: Tilda Swinton

Character: Sara

Suggested bycrich88

Reasoning? Besides looking great with red hair, Tilda would be the perfect mix of condescension and beauty. She did an excellent job in the Narnia movies as the Witch, and I feel like she could really bring out Sara’s character onscreen. Imagine her behind a desk with a pipe in her mouth, glowering at some hapless wizard and you’ll see what I mean.

Dreamcast: Eli Monpress

Celebrity/Actor: David Tennant

Character: Eli Monpress

Suggested byRachel Aaron

Reasoning? Okay, okay, we all know who this is. Now before you get all uppity, yes, we know he doesn’t look anything like our beloved thief. But you’re lying to yourself (and doing a poor job of it, might I add) if you think he wouldn’t absolutely NAIL the role.

Dreamcast: Etmon Banage

Celebrity/Actor: Liam Neeson

Character: Etmon Banage

Suggested bycrich88

Reasoning? Do I really need one? I’ve always been a huge Neeson fan, and when I was thinking up some dream-cast possibilities he, of course, crossed my mind. He has tremendous acting talent, and I adore his voice. I mean, look at this badass and tell me he couldn’t pull it off. Now that I’ve imagined it, I can’t imagine anyone being better suited to the role.

Now excuse me while I go back and re-read all of Etmon’s lines with Liam’s voice in my head…